Principal Desk

The human being, the best creation of the nature, has his childhood as a beautiful bud, which will blossom into a fragrant flower, if allowed to grow in harmony with its surroundings. A school is the place where the talent is molded in ability. The newborn child is only a biological entity. It is the education provided by the home, the school. And the society, that makes him a true citizen. The mother is the first teacher of the child; it is the school, which shares maximum responsibility for his character building. Divya Public School, Sector 44D, with its motto, “Overall development of child – Body, mind and spirit”, works to build the child’s character by making the child, physically strong, mentally sound and knowledgeable, spiritually pious and fearless.

Starting with one child on its roll, the school has indeed come a long way. The school lays emphasis on discipline, moral education, scientific temperament and national integration. Extra –curricular activities in addition to classroom study are also given equal emphasis. The academic result has always remained high. The school curriculum has been divided keeping in mind studies, games extra activities, annual functions and educational excursions. Many important persons from different fields –educationists, social activists, senior government offi cers, and great political personalities have visited and blessed the school and its students on various occasions and functions.

The school has always been in the front line in helping out the victims of natural calamities; participating in various social activities like pulse-polio abhiyan, tree-plantations save Sukhna campaign, Children ’s day celebrations, Independence day celebrations etc.

The school having a beautiful building with good plays ground and all amenities and facilities needed in present day education shall strive hard and hard to achieve the highest in the field of educating the children.


Our School was founded by Principle Rattan Singh